Competition Horses

Yandoo Aphrodite

Stable name: The Fro
Owned by: Redlands Stables

Buckskin mare, 15.3hh.  “The Fro” is an amazing showjumper. She is doing a fabulous job showing Lara the ropes of the bigger heights.

Pacific Wave

Stable name: Chuckles
Owned by: Redlands Stables

Chuck is the most beautiful gentleman around.  He has a heart of pure gold and always gives his all.  An easier horse would be impossible to find!  He is a true schoolmaster jumper and we treasure him greatly.


Stable name: Django
Owned by: Redlands Stables

A 6 year old waler x stock horse gelding.  Django is our youngest show jumper.

Leeara Park Enchantment

Stable name: Chase
Pedigree: Royal and Regal of Sefton x Kirreway Electra
Owned by: Redlands Stables

Chase is a bay Galloway gelding.  He has just been broken in and will be making his début under saddle soon.

Leeara Park Royal Delight

Stable name: Cooper
Pedigree: Royal and Regal of Sefton x Tanglewood Park Serenade in Gold
Owned by: Redlands Stables

Cooper is a yearling buckskin gelding.  His siblings have been very successful under saddle and I’m sure Cooper will be too. He is very quiet and friendly and will be an amazing kids pony.

Bethan Fair Lady

Stable name: Alice
Pedigree: Fairlight Acres Lexus x Bethen Collena
Owned by: Patti Solomon

Alice is our gorgeous little Shetland show mare.  She is very flashy with her four white socks and a blaze.