Riding lessons are available six days a week on our all weather, safely fenced 60 x 20 arena

There are also flat grass jumping paddocks with a range of jumps. We have ample parking for trucks and floats, and safe yards and stables if you need them. Our school horses are well trained and used to their job, and are perfect for riders starting from scratch, honing their skills, or getting back into riding. We even have little lead ponies for riders too young to go by themselves.

We also plan many fun days for both our adult and child riders, and occasionally we have visiting instructors doing clinics.

Lesson Pricing

Private lessons: 45 min $80

Children under 12: 25 min $45

Group lessons: 1 hour group lesson $50

Your First Lesson

Bring this enrolment form with you, to your first lesson, or email it to us beforehand. Make sure you answer all questions!


For adults or children over twelve, a 45 minute private lesson is suitable. For children under twelve, we have a special 20 minute lesson.

A private lesson for 45 minutes is $88 dollars. A little kids lesson is $45.

A group lesson is $55. A semi private lesson (2 people) is $65 each.

We can accept cash, you can direct debit, or we can send you an invoice which you can then pay by credit card (including AMEX) or paypal.

Our minimum age for riding lessons is 3 years old. Please keep in mind that progress is slow at this age. The minimum age for group lessons is 7 years old.  We have no maximum age.

No, you need to come for at least one private session first so we can place you in a suitable group.

If you have ridden before, you may be able to join a group from your second lesson. If you are a complete beginner, expect to have anywhere from 5-15 lessons before you will enjoy joining a group.  As a guide, you need to be confidently able to steer the horse in walk and trot, perform a rising trot, and navigate safely around other horses and riders.

We have a maximum of 5 riders in a group.

Please wear a t shirt or long sleeved shirt- not a singlet top. Long pants, tights or tracksuit pants are ok if you don’t have jodhpurs. Jeans will be uncomfortable and rub your legs. Boots with a flat sole and a small heel. If you are wearing sneakers or boots not suitable for riding we will require you to ride in toe stoppers to prevent your foot going too far into the stirrup.

We have helmets provided. Any helmets used must comply with current safety standards.  Please don’t bring grandma’s old helmet from 1972 or your bicycle helmet.  Helmets should fit snugly to the head and not fall forward over the eyes or behind the head.

Jewellery is not recommended to be worn as it may get caught on the saddlery, or broken or damaged by the horse. Loose, flapping clothing is not appropriate and may scare the horses. No plastic raincoats or jackets that are noisy.  Jackets best suited have a zip up the front and can be removed while mounted without taking the helmet off. If you need to take your jacket off over your head and remove your helmet to do so, you must dismount.

Please DO NOT carry your mobile phone while riding.

Absolutely! Please only bring carrots or apples, these are their favourite.  If you can cut them up the horses will be even happier.

Most people have lessons once or twice a week and this is ideal. Progress is a lot slower if you are riding say once a month or less frequently.

We will select the horse for you based on our knowledge of your experience and the horses temperament and experience. If you have tried a horse and you really don’t like it, please speak to us and we will do our best to work out a solution. We like to keep our riders confident, but challenged!

More experienced riders over the age of 13 years are welcome to come and help at the stables after school and on weekends. The most common jobs needing doing are cleaning stables and stalls, washing out buckets and feeding horses, sweeping and general tidying, catching and saddling horses and putting them away again after riding.