Our horses are all part of the family, thus we find it very hard to let ANY of them go! So we are searching for the perfect loving ‘adoptive parents’ for some of our horses.

Our “In house” leases enable you to have a horse of your own, without the risk or the initial outlay. It’s perfect for someone who may not be in a position to own a horse at the moment, or want to test out owning a horse before they purchase.

The leases run on a month to month basis, so you can do it for one month, or much longer. You must give two weeks notice in order to cease the lease, and fees are payable one month in advance

Please enquire about what horses we have available that might suit you.

Types of Leases

Full Lease

The horse is yours to ride anytime you choose, and take to pony club, competitions and clinics. The horse is not allowed to be used in the riding school, or ridden by anyone but the leasee. This type of lease starts at $210 per week.

Half Lease

Three set days per week, including one weekend day.  You may share a lease with one other person (i.e. you would have three days each) or, the horse may be used in the riding school on days he/ she is not being leased.  You can take your horse to events and pony club/ adult riding club, but you would have to take alternate weekends if there are two of you leasing. This type of lease starts at $140 per week.

What's Included?

Both types of lease include use of a saddle, bridle, saddlecloth, protective boots, and all costs for the horse- vet, farrier, dentist etc.  If you would like to use your own saddle/ gear, that’s ok too.

It is not necessary to come and feed your horse, or rug, unless you would like to! We take care of all of that.

Additional Costs Include:  Extra lessons, transport to shows/ events, competition entries/ memberships, personal accident insurance (Equestrian Australia membership).