2018 Redlands Show

It’s the first year we have held the Redlands Show since 2014, due to our move and setting up our new premises.  I’m pleased to say it’s back and it was bigger and better than ever! Our new facilities accommodated everyone very comfortably despite the heat, and all our riders had an absolute ball.  For most it was their first ever competition, so we make sure everyone learns a lot about what it would be like to compete at a real show, while having fun without too much pressure.  Safe to say that absolutely no one left empty handed! As usual we had more prizes than people!

Here’s a rundown of our major award winner for 2018.

  • Overall Highest point score winner
  • 1st- Lara Christoffelsz
  • 2nd- Ellie Lyons
  • 3rd-Allegra Taubenschlag
  • 4th- Greta Harman
  • 5th- Remy Pattinson and Shelby Bragg
  • 6th- Olive Harman

Champion Junior Jumping: Allegra Taubenschlag
Champion Senior Jumping: Lara Christoffelsz
Sportsmanship award: Remy Pattinson
Most Dedicated Rider: Olivia Lyons
Rider with the most potential: Gigi Desmond
Most improved Rider: Siri Taubenschlag
Overall Highest Hacking pointscore: Ellie Lyons
Overall Highest Sporting Pointscore: Greta Harman
Champion Senior Rider: Lara Christoffelsz
Champion Junior Rider: Ellie Lyons

Age Group Champions

  • Beginners: Greta Harman
  • Under 9’s: Ellie Lyons
  • 9 and under 12’s:Remy Pattinson
  • 12 and under 15’s: Lara Christoffelsz
  • 15 and under 18’s: Shelby Bragg
Our overall highest point score winners from day one of the show.