2019 Redlands Show

A wonderful weekend for our annual show!  This show is a great chance for our riders to get together and have some fun, perhaps trying events they wouldn’t normally, or maybe riding at their first ever show.  Saturday consisted of dressage, hacking events, and our famous and hilarious musical freestyles. Sunday is sporting and jumping events.

Thanks to our judge Shelby Bragg who did a fantastic job, as well as all the parents and helpers who pitched in and made everything run smoothly. Thanks also to Helga Frolich who sponsored the beautiful cushions we awarded to our Overall Highest Pointscore Winner Siena Berichon and our senior jumping winner Izzy Olivier.

Look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!

Our major winners were:

  • Champion Junior Rider- Siri Taubenschlag
  • Champion Senior Rider- Amelie Berichon
  • Champion Junior Musical Freestyle- Charlotte Alexander, Siri Taubenchlag and Allegra Taubenschlag
  • Champion Senior Musical freestyle- Ella Mifflin
  • Champion Junior Jumper- Charlotte Alexander
  • Champion Senior Jumper- Izzy Olivier
  • Overall Highest Hacking Pointscore- Siri Taubenschlag
  • Overall Highest Sporting Pointscore- Siena Berichon
  • Sportsmanship Award- Jade Krsteski
  • Rider with the most potential- Annabelle Coetzer
  • Most Improved Rider- Ella Alexander
  • Most dedicated rider- Ella Mifflin
  • Overall Highest pointscore winner- Siena Berichon.

Highest point score winner of the day was Siri Taubenschlag and Bug

Overall Highest pointscore of the show Siena Berichon